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1. To provide undergraduate and postgraduate education in fisheries science leading to bachelors and masters degrees in various disciplines.
2. To impart quality education by implementing the direct recommendations of the Deans’ Committee Report in terms of course content, credit requirement, guidelines for undergraduate and postgraduate education.
3. To introduce new postgraduate programmes under the Faculty of Fisheries as per the requirements.
4. To provide and ensure adequate and latest practical exposures in the field of fisheries to the students through the strengthening of all the laboratories with modern scientific equipments as per the revised course curricula.
5. To upgrade and strengthen the practical and work experience contents in the course curriculum.
6. To integrate and to co-ordinate the teaching programmes with research and extension activities of the university.
7. To impart integrated fisheries education at all levels through developing efficiency, effectiveness in skill, attitude and knowledge among students and also providing necessary placement support to them.