The horticulture is the basket of various nutritional, medicinal as well as aesthetic crops like fruit, vegetables, flowers & ornamental crops, medicinal and aromatic crops, spices and plantation crops. The commercial cultivation of bamboo, mushroom and even bee keeping are also further expanded the scope of horticulture. Horticulture provides three securities viz., nutritional security, food security and health security. Farmer can make their choice easily with consideration of the market for crop diversification. Horticulture has also capacity building to generate substantial employment opportunities through post-harvest and processing types of agro-industries, landscaping, consultancy, etc. The horticulture sector contributes around 28% of the GDP from about 13.08% of the area and 37% of the total exports of agricultural commodities. The total area and production of horticultural crops in country was only 15.10 million hectares with 146.20 million tons during 1998-1999 which raised and reached up to 23.78 million hectares with 283.36 million tons during 2017-18. Similarly, for Gujarat, the sector was very poor in 1998-1999 with only 5.89 lakh hectare area and 59.49 lakh metric tons production which was only 5% of total cropped area of the state. But from last decade, it is with high jump and reached 16.87 lakh hectare with 234.35 lakh metric tons during the year 2017-18.

Saurashtra is the historical and cultural region of Gujarat state. Horticulture is developing very fast in Saurashtra. During last decade, the popularity of the different horticultural crops is increased not only to the farmers, but also up to the consumer hands. Saurashtra is also rich in diversified soils and climate including long coastal belts with red lateritic soils suitable for many horticultural crops. The main horticultural produces are mango, chiku, acid lime, coconut, ber, guava, onion, brinjal, cabbage, chilli, okra and tomato etc. Junagadh is the hub of horticulture in Saurashtra region. It is famous for Gir Kesar mango as well as sapota, black jamun, custardapple, etc. It is essential to improve the quality and market potentiality of horticultural crops with employment generation which needs human resource development, entrepreneurs, professionals, etc. through horticulture education. Looking to the need of region, the proposal for College of Horticulture is made by the Junagadh Agril. University, Junagadh.

            The College of Horticulture is a constituent college of Junagadh Agricultural University (JAU) situated at main campus in heart of Junagadh of the Gujarat State. The college has been sanctioned as “Establishment of Horticulture Wing at Junagadh” by the Department of Agriculture & Co-operation, Government of Gujarat (GoG) vide resolution number No. JKV-122011-3253-K.2 dated on 19thApril, 2012 (Appendix-6.4.1). It was recommended in 23rd meeting of Academic Council on 25th June, 2012 and also approved in 25th meeting of Board of Management of Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh on 23rd August, 2012 (Appendix-6.4.2) to commence new programme of horticulture education under “Establishment of Horticulture Wing at Junagadh”. It was started under edge of College of Agriculture, JAU, Junagadh from academic year 2012-13 for awarding the B.Sc. (Hons.) Horticulture degree with an initial intake of 50 students. The Govt. of Gujarat had approved a total of 26 faculties & supporting staff (18 on regular basis and 8 on contractual basis) during the year 2012-13 at the initial stage of the college. During 2nd phase, another 5 regular posts were also sanctioned made total strength 31 (23 on regular basis and 8 on contractual basis) up to year 2015-16. The first semester was started from 26th July, 2012 in the academic year 2012-13 with an intake of 50 students. The College was established in the newly constructed building. Hostel facilities are shared with hostels of College of Agriculture both for boys and girls. Horticulture wing was declared as College of Horticulture with recommendation of 40th meeting of Academic Council and approval in 45thmeeting of Board of Management on 1st May, 2017. Various department of different disciplines were also approved in 46th meeting of Board of Management on 8th September, 2017. At present, as per the criteria of ICAR, College of Horticulture building is spread over approximately 1137sq.m. area.

The College of Horticulture is imparting higher education in the field of horticulture in Gujarat state. Its mandate is to produce professionals, scientists, entrepreneurs, skilled graduates, post graduates who will be the guiding force for the welfare of farmers directly or indirectly. The college also works to improve socio-economic status of the farmers as well as imparting horticultural education to the students. Besides playing an important role in changing the horticulture scenario of the state.

The college is under the direct administration of Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh (SAU). The college has been assigned the duties and responsibilities of not only horticultural education but also of research and extension.

The teachers of the college are appointed as Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant Professors in their respective subjects to look after the teaching, research and extension activities of the college for the benefit of students and farming community. Hence, the college is actively engaged in triple action activities of Teaching, Research & Extension i.e. TRE. Due to TRE of the college, it has become a paramount force in terms of all the horticultural activities in the South Saurashtra Agro Climatic Zone.

Mission, Goals and Objectives


The College is committed to provide horticulture education to UG & PG students, horticulture research and transfer of technology to reach the needs of stake holder.


To develop human resource in horticulture field to serve the society.


1. To provide under graduate /post-graduation education in horticulture faculty leading to Bachelor /Masters/ Ph.D. degree in Horticulture.

2. To implement recommendations of the Deans’ Committee Report of ICAR in terms of course content, credit requirement, examination system and guidelines for under graduate education.

3. To strengthen various laboratories with modern scientific equipment as per revised course curricula, the library on scientific lines, redesigning the course content, ensuring adequacy in practical exposure in the field of horticulture.

4. To strengthen the faculties and manpower in the college and to ensure proper placement of under graduate students of the college.

5. To introduce relevant vocational and professional courses related to horticulture discipline.

6. To provide integrated horticulture education at all levels to develop efficiency and effectiveness in skill, attitude and knowledge among the students and to provide necessary placement support to the students.