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Examination Details For P G Programes (System of Evaluation)

Examination details for P G (System of Evaluation)



Theory Practical
Self study (Assignment)
20 %
30 %
Internal Practical Exam - 40 %
Semester end Exam
50 %
60 %

The score secured by candidate out of total of 200 marks in a course shall be converted to equivalent grade under 10.00 point system to represent the grade point for that course.  A student shall be required to maintain the CGPA of not less than 6.50 in order to be eligible for continuance as regular enrolled student of the University.

Award of Classes for PG Programmes :

The award of class is based on the OGPA obtained by the student for all semesters with the following criteria

Grade Point
6.50 to 6.99
Second class
7.00 to 7.99
First class
8.00 & above
First class with distinction