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The village khapat is located in Porbandar taluka in Porbandar district of Gujarat state, India. It is located 05 kms towards north from district headquarters Porbandar, 110 kms from Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh and 421 kms from state capital Gandhinagar. It is located in Saurashtra region of Gujarat with 21°66’88” N to 69°62’53” E. It falls under the South Saurashtra Agro-Climate Zone of Gujarat.  The annual rainfall of this centre for the last 30 years range from 51.08 mm. to 2452.0 mm. with an average precipitation of 615 mm. The soil of the farm is silty loam with calcarious in nature. The soil reaction is towards Alkaline having PH 7.88.Total geographical area (2.29 lakh ha) among them 1.19 lakh ha under Cultivated area, 0.24 lakh ha under Forest area, 0.15 lakh ha land under non- agricultural use, 0.25 lac ha under permanent pastures and 0.18 lakh ha land under Barren and uncultivable land.

         The cropping pattern in the district indicates that groundnut is the predominate crop with 62 per cent of the total kharif cropped area and it is followed by cotton (12%). On the other hand, in rabi / summer, Species (Cumin and Coriander) is the predominant crop (25%), followed by wheat (20%).