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Polytechnic in Agriculture, Sidsar
Name of Scheme          : " Establishment of Polytechnic in Agricultural Science at Sidsar."
Year of Establishment :  2017-18
Genesis of the college:         
Under the faculty of Agriculture, the Government of Gujarat had sanctioned a Polytechnic in Agriculture to Junagadh Agricultural University during the year 2017-18 with the intake of 30 students. Accordingly, a Polytechnic in Agriculture has started its academic activities from the academic year 2018. From 2018-19 to till today, the intake capacity is increased up to 33 (30+3 (EWS)) students. Polytechnic in Agriculture, Sidsar at present functioning in Junagadh under College of Agriculture, Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh The primary objective of this three year (six semesters) diploma course is to create and nourish a stimulating learning environment that ensures a globally relevant education based on eternal human values and to provide trained man power to the educational institutes, various departments of Government, NGO and industries engaged in agro engineering.  The successful candidates can take higher education (degree course) through diploma to degree programme.
Objectives :
1.    To generate middle level technician for Agricultural field, laboratory research work, commercial enterprise and extension services.
2.     To impart theoretical and practical training to the students in Agriculture so that they can gain confidence for self-employment in field of Agriculture.
3.     To conduct need based research in Agriculture.
Mandates :
1. To give exposure to the students in the field of agriculture science.
2. To create awareness regarding to agriculture science & improved technology.
3. To create new employment facilities in the field of agriculture & allied science.
4. To generate knowledge through practical education in relation to new production technologies develop in agriculture sector.
Staff profile :
Sr. No.
Name and designation
Specialized subject
Dr. B. N. Kalsariya
Asso. Professor & Principal
Ph. D.
Agricultural Extension
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Prof. S. H. Lakhani
Assistant Professor
M. Sc. (Agri.)
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Kum. D. R. Vasava
Agril. Officer
B. Sc. (Horti.)
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Shri S. B. Makwana
Agril. Assistant
B. Sc. (Agri.)
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Smt. J. M. Rathava
Senior clerk
S.Y. B. A.
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Admission Procedure and Fee Structure :
Admission to Diploma is based on the merit as evidenced by academic records of the qualifying exams. Minimum qualification for applying to the Diploma will be Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination of Gujarat State or other equivalent examination along with English as compulsory subject. The detailed admission procedure to diploma shall be as under: 
Infrastructure details :
College Building :
As the scheme has been started under College of Agriculture, Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh, the arrangement for the staff and lecture room for students is made in Agro Processing Polytechnic building. The arrangement for practical classes for the students is made in the concerned subjects' Department.
Hostel :
Boarding facility for boys studying in the course is made at Zaverbhai Patel hostel and for girls in Nivedita-2 girls' hostel in the University campus.
Library :
Central Library is located in the campus for convenience of students for studying along with internet facility for exposing them to vast knowledge.
Sports Complex :
The campus has facilities for indoor and outdoor sports activities for enthusiastic students like table-tennis, volleyball, cricket, basketball, badminton, chess, kho-kho, kabaddi, athletics, etc. for the overall development of student. Also tournaments i.e. inter-college sports tournament are organized with active participation of students.  
Courses Offered :
The student during his/her due course of study in Polytechnic in Agriculture has to complete total 49 courses of various discipline i.e. Agronomy, Plant pathology, Agril. Economics, Agril. Statistics, Agril. Entomology, Agril. Extension, Horticulture, Agricultural Engineering, Biochemistrycontaining 120 credit hours in total. There are 5 non-credit courses i.e. HVE, NSS, PE and an educational tour. The details of courses discipline wise, semester wise and course content offered during three years are given below.
Academic Calendar :
1.     Growing and maintaining the crop museum in Kharif and Rabi season to provide practical experience to students.
2.     Visit different research stations located at campus and crop production week celebrates using advance research activities and crop technology.
3.     Sports - volley ball, Table Tanis, athletics, Kho-Kho and other indoor games are played with different groups of other polytechnics.
4.     Cultural programmes are arranged to celebrate the annual day or during other special events.
5.     A student shall be required to earn credits specified for the diploma programme inclusive of those for physical education, NCC/NSS, intensive field training and study tour.
6.     Regular teaching, internal theory examination and semester end practical/practical examination
System of Teaching
There will be six semesters during which the student shall complete the requirements of course credits under the semester system of teaching and continuous evaluation.
An academic year shall normally commence in the month of July/August and end in the month of June/July of the calendar year. It shall be divided into two semesters each of 20 to 22 weeks (including semester- end -examinations).
The medium of instruction and examination shall be English.
The first semester shall commence within two weeks after admission.
There shall be two semesters in an academic year. The semester will be announced in every academic calendar year by the Registrar. Suitable adjustment in a semester will be made to accommodate Diwali vacation, summer vacation and other holidays as may be notified by the University / State Government.
Odd semester will normally be from July to December and even semester will be from January to June.
There will be 2 hourly exams, one external practical exam and semester end exam on the basis of which the grades will be given to students.
Maximum time limit to obtain three years Diploma Courses after first registration is 6 (six) years.

Click here for Academic Calendar 2018-19

Click here for Academic Calendar 2019-20

Student Welfare Activities :
1. Student Grievance redressal mechanism
    Students' grievances redressal mechanism is carried out by Director of Student’s Welfare (DSW).
2. Student Representative Council
3. Prevention of Ragging
4. NSS Activities

    From the academic year 2019-20, NSS unit with the 25 Swayam Sevak for Special Activities and 50 for Regular Activities is sanctioned. Under the Regular Activities various programmes like Cleanliness campaign, tree plantation, Leadership Development, Thalassemia Test etc. while under the Special Activities a seven-day camp at various villages is being carried out. During the camp besides cleanliness campaign in the village, Farmer's Meeting, cattle health Camp, Cultural Programme are also organized.

    Click here to see NSS Activities Year 2018-19

    Click here to see NSS Activities Year 2019-20

5. Sports & extra-curricular activities
    A gymkhana unit of the college is having sports facilities of various outdoor and indoor games. The students are allowed to play the game of their interest with these facilities during the non-teaching hours. The Inter polytechnics (of JAU and SAUs) games is also organized once during the year. The students are allowed to take participate in Khel mahakumbh organized by Govt. of Gujarat. Different events like debate, essay writing, drama, dance are also organized.
6. Scholarship available in the institution
As per Govt. rules, Post metric Scholarship for the students of SC / ST / SEBC and MYSY is being given every year.
7. Sexual Harassment/Gender Discrimination/Caste Discrimination
8. List of Students admitted to the Programme
Contact information :
Dr. B. N. Kalsariya
Polytechnic in Agriculture
Junagadh Agricultural University
Office: 0285-2670289, EPABX: 516
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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



વિસ્તરણ શિક્ષણ નિયામકશ્રીની કચેરી, જુ.કૃ.યુ., જુનાગઢ દ્વારા તા. ૧૦/૧૦/૨૦૨૨ ના રોજ ભાવનગરના પ્રગતિશીલ ખેડૂતો માટે તાલીમ કાર્યક્રમ.
વિસ્તરણ શિક્ષણ નિયામકશ્રીની કચેરી, જુ.કૃ.યુ., જુનાગઢ દ્વારા તા. ૦૩-૦૪/૧૦/૨૦૨૨ દરમ્યાન રવિ પૂર્વ મોસમી તાલીમનું આયોજન.
રજત જયંતી એવોર્ડ યોજનામાં ભાગ લેવા માટેનું ઉમેદવારી પત્રક - વર્ષ - ૨૦૨૨-૨૩
AICRP on PEASEM, ICAR, Dept. of Renewable Energy Engg., CAET, JAU, Junagadh received the Patent on Foldable Container for Storage and Transportation of Agricultural Produce
The students of the PGIABM, JAU had Secured 1st runners up - 2nd Prize trophy and cash prize in the 9th International B-Plan Championship 2022 at IIM, Indore.
Pre- Departure and Send-off Ceremony was organized on July 20, 2022 by CAET, JAU for B. Tech. (Agril. Engg.) Students who are going to attend International Training at Thailand.
BSc.(Agriculture ) degree course of Junagadh Agricultural University received 8th rank in BSc. Agriculture Colleges of India by EducationWorld India Higher Education Rankings 2022-23
Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh received 7th rank in Government Agricultural University in India and 2nd rank in Gujarat by EducationWorld India Higher Education Rankings 2022-23
CAET, JAU, Junagadh ranked 5th for Outstanding Engineering Colleges of Excellence in India as per CSR-GHRDC Engineering Colleges Survey 2021.
In Gujarat State Institutional Rating Framework (GSIRF) 2021-22 Junagadh Agricultural University got 5th position