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Dry Farming Research Station,
Junagadh Agricultural University

Ratia - Ghed -360575 Dist : Porbandar
Gujarat (India)

Year of Establishment : 1965-66
Dry Farming Research Station Ratia is working as a sub centre of main Dry Farming Research Station Targhadia. this region called ghed area. often hevily flooded due to heavy flood in OZAT & BHADER rivers. owing to flood the soil of this area remained submerged during the month of July & August in this situation. The kharif sowing is not possible there fore the sowing is carried out as a semi rabi season.
Mandate :
  1. To strengthening the cotton Research work, to develop improved cotton varieties for the Respective regions to study the problem of cotton cultivation.
  2. The main object of this station is to find out suitable varieties and agronomical practices of crop of this region.
  3. This Research Station is also conduct the trial on sorghum under the technical guidance of the research scientist ( sorghum and cotton) Surat.
  4. This Research Station is working as a sub Centre of Dry Farming Research Station under the technical control of the Research Scientist (Dry Farming), Junagadh Agriculture University, Targhadia.
  5. The Research Station is also conduct the trials as suggested by the Associate Director of Research, J. A. U. Junagadh.
Objectives :
  • This centre is conducting trials on different dry farming aspect viz. fertilizer requirement, sowing time, sowing distant, insitu moisture conservation etc. under the guidance of research scientist (D.F.) Targhadia, The results obtained from the experimental trial are submitted to Research Scientist (D.F.), Based on results of multi location trials research Scientist (D.F.) is drowing recommendation for farmers on different dry farming technology.
  • Research Scientist cotton and sorghum also gives trials on concerned Scientist for making recommendation of the farmers.
  • It has been observed that there are greater possibility for the introduction of new crops like castor, soyabeen, sunflower, safflower, mustard, gram etc.
Faculty Profile :
Assi. Res. Scientist (Agri.)
Research projects and schemes – ongoing :
Name of Scheme
Budget Head
Type of Scheme
Funding Agency
Dry Farming Research Scheme
Non Plan
State Govt.
Strengthening Research in Dry Farming.
State Govt.
To establish a centre of excellence of cotton Research
State Govt.
Future Outlook :
  1. Cotton sorghum and gram are the major crops of the costal ghed region of the south saurashtra uptil now no research has been concentrated on these crops, hence there is need to concentr ate research on agronomic requirement for these crops.
  2. There is a greater possibility for the introduction of new crops like castor, sesamum, sunflower, soyabeen, pegeonpea etc. hence is need to concentrate research on these crops.
  3. Soil moisture is a limiting factor for crop production, hence the work should be concentrated to develop suitable technologies for in - situ moisture conservation with the help of mulch and with the adoption of contour cultivation practices.
  4. Cotton, Jowar and chickpea are important crops of ghed area, there is need to develop sault Resistant varieties in these crops.
  5. There is need to concentrate work on tillage i.e. frequency and depth of tillage.