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New varieties released:

     Total 61 new varieties / hybrids were developed & released during last 14 years (2004-05 to 2017-18) of various crops. Out of 61 varieties/ hybrids, 21 varieties got recognition at national and other at state level. The crops covered include oilseeds, pulses, cereals, cash crops, plantation/fruit crops and vegetables to reflect the attempts to meet the diverse needs of the farmers. The University is fore front in research on bajra, groundnut, cotton, castor, chickpea, sesame, wheat and vegetables. Besides development of new varieties, the University also played a major role in introducing many new crops into the State, through systematic testing for the performance of these crops. The indents from State and National levels are being received every year as per the demands for various varieties/hybrids. A strong extension program of the University has ably supported the popularization of these crops. The breeder seed production programme is taken as per the need. 

     Varieties/ hybrids released/ developed during last 14 years (2004-05 to 2017-2018):

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A. Oilseeds crops

B. Pulses crops

C. Cereal crops

D. Cash crops

E. Fruit crops

F. Vegetable Crops

G. Summary