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As per RTI Act - 2005, all details are updated on Dt. 01-05-2021

1 .The Right to Information Act, 2005 (Govt. of India) ( English )
2. The Gujarat Right to Information Act, 2005 ( English / Gujarati )
3. The Gujarat Right to Information Rules, 2010 ( English / Gujarati )
4. Proactive Disclosures under Right to Information (Chapter-I to XVII) ( Gujarati )
5. List of Appellate Authorities, Public Information Officers and Assistant Public Information Officers of JAU( Gujarati )
6. Staff Position of Junagadh Agricultural Universities on 01-05-2022 ( English )
7. List of Application Received to Public Information Officers under RTI and their Status ( Gujarati )
8. List of Application Received to Appellate Authorities under RTI and their Status ( Gujarati )
9. Appendix 1 to 11 as per Proactive disclosures of JAU at Below links. (Gujarati)
  1. Appendix -1
  2. Appendix-2
  3. Appendix-3 ( Gujarat Act. No. 5 of 2004 )
  4. Appendix-4 (Common Academic Regulations for UG Programme)
  5. Appendix-5 (Common Academic Regulations for PG Programme)
  6. Appendix-6 (Common Academic Regulations for Polytechnic Programme)
  7. Appendix-7
  8. Appendix-8
  9. Appendix-9
  10. Appendix-10
  11. Appendix-11


વિસ્તરણ શિક્ષણ નિયામકશ્રી, જુ.કૃ.યુ., જૂનાગઢની કચેરી દ્વારા તા. ૨૭-૨૮ સપ્ટેમ્બર, ૨૦૨૨ દરમ્યાન મધમાખી પાલન પરિસંવાદનું આયોજન.
CELEBRATION OF WORLD OZONE DAY-2022 organized by Department of Agronomy in collaboration with Department of Soil Sci. & Agril. Chemistry, College of Agriculture, J.A.U., Junagadh during 16th September-2022.
A Five days vocational training programme on Soil Testing Lab : As an Entrepreneur Business Opportunity will be organize during 19-23 Sept., 2022 by Dept. of Soil Science and Agril. Chemistry under IDP.
રજત જયંતી એવોર્ડ યોજનામાં ભાગ લેવા માટેનું ઉમેદવારી પત્રક - વર્ષ - ૨૦૨૨-૨૩
સંશોધન વૈજ્ઞાનિક(ખેતી ઈજનેરી), જુ.કૃ.યુ., જુનાગઢ દ્વારા તેલીબીયા ખેતપેદાશોનું મુલ્યવર્ધન અને બજાર વ્યવસ્થા અંગે તા. ૨૦/૦૯/૨૦૨૨ ના રોજ ખેડૂત તાલીમનું આયોજન કરવામાં આવેલ.
AICRP on PEASEM, ICAR, Dept. of Renewable Energy Engg., CAET, JAU, Junagadh received the Patent on Foldable Container for Storage and Transportation of Agricultural Produce
The students of the PGIABM, JAU had Secured 1st runners up - 2nd Prize trophy and cash prize in the 9th International B-Plan Championship 2022 at IIM, Indore.
Pre- Departure and Send-off Ceremony was organized on July 20, 2022 by CAET, JAU for B. Tech. (Agril. Engg.) Students who are going to attend International Training at Thailand.
BSc.(Agriculture ) degree course of Junagadh Agricultural University received 8th rank in BSc. Agriculture Colleges of India by EducationWorld India Higher Education Rankings 2022-23
Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh received 7th rank in Government Agricultural University in India and 2nd rank in Gujarat by EducationWorld India Higher Education Rankings 2022-23