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  1. Regarding Preparation of Information Materials for Krushi Mahotsav 2012

  2. Regarding Leave Sanction during Krushi Mahotsav-2012

  3. Regarding Submission of Literature for Krushi Mahotsav-2012

  4. Regarding Publication Information for Krushi mahotsav-2012

  5. Regarding Submission of Information of Staff for Krushi Mahotsav 2012

  6. Regarding Instructions given by Agri. & Co-op. Dept., Gandhinagar (Dtd. 14/03/2012) for Krushi Mahotsav-2012

  7. Regarding Guideline and Instructions given by Agri. & Co-op. Dept., Gandhinagar (Dtd. 31/03/2012) for Krushi Mahotsav-2012

  8. Regarding Orientation Programme for Krushi Mahotsav_2012.

  9.  Regarding Circular for Orientation Training Programme for Krushi Mahotsav_2012

  10. Regarding Pre Preparation for Krushi Mahotsav_2012

  11. Regarding Submission of Photographs for Preparation I-Card for Agril. Fair  Stall duty.

  12. Regarding Preparation of Materials for Agriculture Fair.

  13. Regarding Agriculture Fair and Seminar under Krushi Mahotsav_12.

  14. Regarding Information Form for Krushi Mahotsav_12.

  15. Regarding Expenditure Bill under Krushi Mahotsav_12.

  16. Regarding Krushi Mela-2012 Work Plan.

  17. Regarding Minutes of the meeting held on 30-04-2012.

  18. Regarding I-Card for Staff of Agriculture Fair.

  19. Regarding Revised List of Krushi Mahotsav.

  20. Regarding Collection of Materials from SSK Under Krushi Mahotsav-12

  21. Regarding Information of Control Room for Krushi Mahotsav.

  22. Regarding Tour Programme Entry for Staff Under Krushi Mahotsav.

  23. Regarding Re-scheduling of Krushi Mahotsav_12.

  24. Regarding Instruction of Krushi Mahotsav_12